No curves my ass.

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people who bite ice cream with their front teeth are on a whole different level


So from what I can gather Z will definetly be dancing at least once.
She will be dancing with Val
And she could possibly be doing one of her songs.

I sooooo wish I could be going.

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"I think the biggest misconception maybe in my opinion is the fact that people think this is very exclusive to the dance world. The skills that dancing taught me in terms of agility,coordination and my physical preparation to be able to do any other form of athletes is something i think a lot of people don’t know" - Val Chmerkovskiy

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Zendaya shopping with her nieces, April 14 (x)

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Joan talking about Zendaya’s floral dress with a high slit that she wore to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Fashion Police.

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The Brand Tag T-Shirt #wearvalentin

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